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VibrantHappyWomen is a twice-weekly podcast created for women looking to find themselves after getting lost in the stress of motherhood and life. If you're looking for inspiration, authenticity, and positive thinking with a splash of heart and soul, join Dr. Jen Riday as she chats with inspiring women from all walks of life, including moms, authors, self help experts & happiness gurus like Gretchen Rubin, Mastin Kipp and more. Learn how to build self love, simplify your life, feel balanced, improve your relationships and more! Each episode ends with our guest's list of favorite things and her personal thoughts on what it means to be a vibrant happy woman. Bonus: Jen's HAPPY BITS provide quick + easy tips on how you can feel happier each day.
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Jul 31, 2017

Nisha Moodley shares how happy living and making a contribution to society are tied to understanding our personal wholeness and our “Big Why.”

Jul 27, 2017

You are powerful beyond measure, and it's time to wake up and act accordingly- to play big and to SHINE.

Jul 24, 2017

Ever wished you could work less so you could live more? After an incident with her son’s childcare provider, Jocelyn Sams realized she was giving too much control of her life to other people. She and her husband Shane decided to give up teaching and create an online business so they could have the flexibility and freedom they needed to spend more time with their kids - all while working only 10-15 hours/week. In this episode Jocelyn shares exactly how they did it.

Today’s guest is Jocelyn Sams, part of the dynamic duo behind Jocelyn and her husband Shane are former school teachers. After years of bad bosses, job losses, and frustration at work, they started an online business. That business made it possible to quit their jobs, spend more time with family and earn millions in passive income online - all while working only 10-15 hours per week! Now, they are helping other families do the same by connecting with people through their Flipped Lifestyle podcast, website and inside their Flip Your Life community. Sign up for Jocelyn's free 168-hour Time Management Challenge.


Nuggets of Wisdom from Joceyln:

"We can't let other people run our lives anymore."

"He said we were going to start an online business, we were going to build passive income streams and we were going to quit our jobs. I thought he was crazy at the time, but little did I know, we would do just that."


"When you do as you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

Some of Joceyln's Favorite Things:

Personal habit: "I calendar everything."

Easy meal: Chicken Lettuce Wraps (P.F. Changs copycat)

Favorite kitchen gadget: Cuisinart Electric Teakettle

Joceyln's Favorite Books: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Best advice received: "Take action and make things happen."

Joceyln's Happiness Formula:

"Take control of my time + prioritize the things that are really important in life + helping others find the same type of freedom we have found."

A Challenge from Joceyln:

"Put everything on a calendar, starting with your non-negotiables like work, sleep, eating dinner, eating lunch.... Once you get those things on there, move on to the things you want to do - things like working on a business, spending more time with your children - whatever it is you want to do, calendar those in after your non-negotiables. This will help you see where you're really spending time versus where you WANT to spend time."


168-hour Time Management Challenge

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

Flipped Lifestyle podcast

Cuisinart Electric Teakettle

Chicken Lettuce Wraps (P.F. Changs copycat)

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

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Jul 21, 2017

You've probably heard of a Vision Board before, but have you ever created a word board? In this episode I'll tell you how.

Jul 18, 2017

Ever wish you had less stuff? Wanting more time for what's important? In this episode Tsh Oxenreider shares her story of learning to have less “stuff” so she could have more time for living her purpose, which includes helping people and traveling.

Tsh Oxenreider is the author of several books, including her new one, At Home in the World. She's the founder of the community blog The Art of Simple and the top-ranked podcaster of The Simple Show, where she encourages big-hearted people to live simple, unconventional lives. Tsh currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her 3 kids and husband, and eats tacos several times a week. She's equally happy snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and puttering around in her backyard.

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Nuggets of Wisdom from Tsh:

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.”  - Parker Palmer 

"Vocation: The word means calling. it's the idea of 'What you are made to do and what your life speaks.'

"Listen to your life because it says something!"

"What made [living in Turkey] truly great were a lot of these smaller life lessons and family togetherness and even the hard stuff that we pushed through to make us a better people and a better family unit."

"Home is where you know and are known. For me, that equals people. Home equals a tangible place. I think there's something important about it being in a place."

"There's this foundational idea that you have to know: your vocation is how your life speaks."

"We would rather put our money toward experiences over things."

"Simple living for me is living holistically with your life's purpose."

"Your life's purpose is your vocation."


Some of Tsh's Favorite Things:

Personal habit: " Bullet journaling. It's this way of journaling your day that just keeps your thoughts in a more organized fashion. I feel so much more in control of my time."

Easy meal: "I love chicken tortilla soup in slow cooker from Pioneer Woman." (get the recipe here)

Favorite kitchen gadget: "Ice cream maker"

Tsh's Favorite Books: "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver"

Best advice received: "Taking action and making things happen." (from Tsh's husband)

Tsh's Happiness Formula:

"Travel is a huge part of my happiness. I am more who I am whenever I spend time traveling. And yet, it is coupled with staying home a lot. It's a combination of exploring the world and being at home - embracing where I am, getting to know my neighbors, spending time in my community and getting involved. It is a blend of being a citizen of the world and a citizen of my community."

A Challenge from Tsh:

"Plan a trip on the horizon -even if that means a day trip into the closest city where you live. If you haven't planned a trip in a long time, plan something where you actually leave your house and you go do something pretty different from what you normally do. You might want to explore some small town nearby that you have always wanted to do. You might check out a museum. You might try out a new restaurant, or you could actually get on a plane and or get on a website, see what cheap flights in your area are and go do something like that. I think so much of our life is routine, which is good, but we need to appreciate that routine whenever we shake it up a bit and interact with the outside world around us."


The Art of Simple (Tsh's Website)

The Simple Show (Tsh's Podcast)

At Home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe (Tsh's Book)

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver

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Jul 13, 2017

Learn how to do the "I Don't Want ______" exercise to help you create a crystal clear vision of what you DO want. This is soooo important because, "Where the energy goes, the energy flows." AND "That which we focus on increases."

Jul 10, 2017

Growing up with dysfunction and a broken home, Salena Knight set out completely on her own at age 15, and by her early twenties owned several properties, and today she owns her own business. Salena shares some powerful thoughts on letting go of "victim thinking" and choosing the life you want. A must-listen episode!

Salena Knight is retail strategist who helps independent retailers to grow their business so they can have personal and financial freedom. She lives in Sydney Australia with her husband, daughter and rescue greyhound. In her free time she likes to build things, cook and spend time outdoors.


Nuggets of Wisdom from Salena:

"Laugh at yourself because if you don't, someone else will laugh at you. Laugh at the things that happened because it hurts more when someone laughs at you, than when you laugh about what happened to yourself."

"Just don't take everything seriously; otherwise, you'll end up getting hurt by what other people think about you."

"All I wanted to do was to prove to the world that coming from a broken family doesn't mean that you have to be a broken person."

"You have the choice to make your life-whatever it is you want to be!"

"I was determined to finish my studies and be something better!"

"It does get to the point where you have to decide who your family is and who you want to hang around."

"You can choose your family, you can choose who you want to hang around with."

"If you hang around with people who don't want to take action, who are going to suck the life out of you and deplete you, then you aren't going to strive, you won't be able to achieve those goals."

"At the end of the day, you have to look after you."

Some of Salena's Favorite Things:

Personal habit: "Constantly striving to succeed. A desire to just be better, bigger, more. I have to get outside every single day, get out with the dog at least once."

Easy meal: "Tacos. 5 batches and freeze them."

Favorite kitchen gadget: "Kettle, slow cooker, and food processor."

Salena's Favorite Books: "The Dip by Seth Godin"

Best advice received: "You can do it."

Salena's Happiness Formula:

Family + Home + Laughter + Challenge

A Challenge from Salena:

"Go and evaluate your relationships and see if you have those vampire people. Who energizes you and who depletes you? What can you do about the depleters?"


Webinar by Salena - for Retailers Looking to Grow Their Customer Base Fast

Jen's Interview on Salena's Podcast (Bringing Business to Retail) (Salena's vacation rental)


The Dip by Seth Godin

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Jul 6, 2017

Are you striving to accomplish, achieve and accumulate? That path might not give you the happiness you crave. You'll get a whole lot closer if you take 10 minutes today and follow your feelings instead...

Jul 3, 2017

After trying the stay-at-home mom thing for a while, Dana realized she literally NEEDED to be an entrepreneur and thus began the Boss Mom movement. Learn how Dana balances motherhood and her online business with confidence and efficiency.

Dana Malstaff is a mother, author, business & content strategist, coach, podcaster, and blind spot reducer. Dana is the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro, and the founder of Boss Mom. She serves Boss Moms who yearn for more time and less guilt when it comes to building their business and raising their family, by providing the tools they need to get more out of their content and business, without sacrificing their family goals.


Nuggets of Wisdom from Dana:

"If you want to be a true influencer, then you should speak to create other influencers. Our influence is based around creating other influencers."

"Good mom for me means playfulness and attentiveness."

"So attentiveness to me means that I'm outwardly always trying to make sure I see what my kids need and trying to fulfill that in a way that makes sense to us in our family. "

"I think you should always try to be something more than a mom."

"You are so much more than one role, and we should strive to figure out what fulfills us outside of being a parent and outside of being a wife and outside of just being a business owner."

"It's a really important lesson for your kids to learn and it's a really important lesson for you to learn that your kids aren't the center of the world too, cause it's hard not to feel that way about them sometimes."

"When you're confident about your decisions, then guilt has no place in your life."

"The reason we feel guilty is because we're not sure we're doing the right thing."

"There are a lot of ways, and a lot of those ways compiled together equal the right way for you. It has to be about collecting the puzzle pieces and fitting them together and being confident about how you're fitting them together."

"If you don't wan't to feel guilty then continually assess every single day what your overall priorities are. What is it that you're trying to achieve, and what are the big things that have to be done? Don't do your business and family separately because those are two big whole buckets."

"What's important to us right now, tomorrow, over this next 30 days, or next year? What do we care about? Which one is more important? Sometimes my business wins, and sometimes my family wins. I don't feel bad about it."

Some of Dana's Favorite Things:

Personal habit: "We eat, we hang out and play around. We engage with each other. We do some fun things with
my kids in the morning."

"The habit is the assessment of my priorities, looking at what has to get done, seeing if I can delegate that out and reminding myself that I'm losing money in my business by doing things myself all the time."

Easy meal: "Brown rice packets, chicken apple sausage, Thai peanut sauce, veggies."

Favorite kitchen gadget: "wine opener"

Danielle's Favorite Books: "The Five Love Languages" and "The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran" and "Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert"

Best advice received: "Business is people. Life is people. If you can't learn how to show people how they are loved and valued and connect with people with empathy and compassion, then you're going to be left feeling alone and sad."

Dana's Happiness Formula:

1. "Learn to recognize your happy moments."
2. "Know that others see you differently and that you're often too hard on yourself. Listen to people that tell you nice things."
3. "Recognize when you're not happy and take an assessment on what's not working and tweak it. Don't sit in unhappiness and fester there for a long time. It doesn't help anybody."

A Challenge from Dana:

"I want you to take the next three days and time map what you do in your day, where you spend your time. At the end of those 3 days, look at that time mapping. Look at what you are doing, where you are spending your time, whether you are spending your time doing things that make you happy and fulfill you and that you think are actually helping you get to where you want to go in your life - and the amount of time you are spending doing things that do not fulfill you and actually empty your cup. Get really serious about finding the kind of support you need through this community, through other communities, you know, through your friends and your networks. To pull yourself more into the time you are spending, doing the things that fill you and that you love, and it all starts by assessing what you are doing right now."


Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro

The Five Love Languages

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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